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commissioner campos was getting at there is expectation in san francisco there is transparency and as you develop the competency scpis wanted to ask about protecting the privacy of interested applicants and how you advise us to play that part and protecting the privacy of anyone interested in the position. hopefully that we get a lot of people but how can we ensure that privacy will be protected? >> good question. there are two things that we try to do with candidates. number one, we ensure confidentiality will be maintained up until the time they come to san francisco for a face-to-face interview. once they come into this building or whatever building we're going to use then all bets are off and we don't know who they're going to run into, who is going to hear about it. we protect the confidentiality up to that point. we advise candidates when they need to release that information to their current employers so we give them coaching around that, when it's necessary, how to do it, how to keep the lid on. the preliminary references that we do is always done with individual who is wil
about what san francisco is. >> we've been talking for years about how important it is to build new neighborhoods, to develop affordable housing, make sure we have transit-oriented sustainable green development that really is worthy of a 21st century san francisco. what we're doing today -- and, frankly, what we're doing this year will have impacts on the city for decades to come. thank you all for being part of this, and i look forward to that mid-cutting. i moved to san francisco 15 years ago for all the reasons that we all love our city. our cable cars. our hills. the diversity of our neighborhoods. and have loved every minute of being here. >> like many of you here, i did not actually grow up in san francisco. i grew up in another part of the country that was not quite as tolerant or quite as diverse. san francisco drew me, as i think it through all of us, because we live in a very special place. i just want to say on behalf of the board of supervisors -- we have a special responsibility and a special leadership role in the world. as we come together, we symbolize all of this da
preservation issues and as a historian. preservation of san francisco's significant built environment necessarily involves educating and explaining property owner's role in historic preservation. since i was in college in boston in the late 1970s, i've been committed to the preservation, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historical buildings. one of the projects that i worked on back then was a very early searchable database for the cataloging of over 1300 architectural drawings by prominent boston area architects of the early and mid 19th century. my thesis project at tufts university was used in research for the rehabilitation of the president's house at boston university and during that period i assisted the prominent new england architectural historian in research and photography for articles and books that she published. to demonstrate my continuing involvement outside of my works for the past five years i've been the program coordinator of a volunteer organization in los altos that has saved a house designed in 1939 by richard noitra who is considered to be one of the most in
is tracking a new storm that will arrive tonight. that is raising concerns in the san francisco neighborhood where several sinkholes have formed. now we learn what is happening. >> right now, it is very quiet but no one will be watching the sky more closely today than neighbors out here in this west portal neighborhood of san francisco. the big fear is that forecasted rain and how it might impact the already growing sinkhole problem out here. the problem right now, we can tell you, there are up to five sinkholes and it started last wednesday when a city water main broke causing gushing water to trigger the holes. now, homes in the area in some cases are slowly caving into the ground, 12 have been damaged and up to four are now red tagged and they are simply not livable. private insurance companies of the homeowners say that they don't plan to help. the city is having to step up and help homeowners with the repairs. >> structural fixes for the things that might be settlement cracks or things like that, those we will pay. >> it could be a big repair bill in some cases. the neighborhood was ori
place at san francisco bart station and bart doesn't know who the man was but they are hoping surveillance cameras will explain how long he was inside the station. >> reporter: commuters use bart as they normally do today, service continues on schedule. but last night bart police made a discovery after a rider tried to take this elevate. >> nun of us ever heard that. >> reporter: it crushed the man who was on top of the car. this happened around 9:30 p.m. last night after police sweep stations, clearing out anyone inside. >> dangerous. very unusual. upsetting and disturbing. these circumstances. >> reporter: there are two ways to access that area, the ventilation shaft that was still secure and a elevating hatch. police are focusing on that hatch that is usually secured. there is hopes surveillance cameras might provide clues as to when he snuck inside. >> it is tress passing to stay in the -- trespassing to stay inside the station. >> reporter: they hired someone to monitor homeless individuals. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the bod
out to be the biggest white collar crime case ever in the history of the san francisco district attorney's office. >> sky 7 hd got this video of a car that went over an enbankment. a mother and 3-year-old daughter were inside of the car as it was traveling near the spring valley golf course. the mother lost control. the car slid into a ditch. the two were taken to the hospital and their condition is not known tight an overturned suv snarled traffic this afternoon. here is the view from sky 7 hd as a ramp the driver likely misjudged sharpness of the curve and flipped the car. all lanes have been cleared and are now reopened. >> details about a pleasanton preschool teach year accused of tying up a toddler because the toddler would not take a nap. the district attorney will decide if the teacher should face criminal charges. the teacher resigned in january. the teacher showed a photo in a social gathering. >> a police officer is recuperating after being bitten by a dog at golden gate park. this picture was posted to our facebook page. the officer says he was checking on a person an
'm danielle lee. marla and laura, back to you. >> thank you, danielle. >>> meantime san francisco city attorney was there while the arguments were made this morning. dennis herrera tweeted this before going into the supreme court. he's no stranger to the same-sex marriage debate. herrera is credited with filing the first lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of laws that discriminate between gay and lesbian couples. >> more hopeful than ever after putting discrimination on trial all these years we'll get a positive ruling out of the supreme court. i thought it was incredibly forceful and compelling in the case made before the justices. >> herrera wasn't the only california politician in the courtroom. governor newsom and state senator mark leno were also there. >>> even though it is 3,000 miles away, the bay area is intently watching what's going on at the supreme court. some local cities are even showing their support for marriage equality in a very unique way. nbc bay area's kristi smith is live in berkeley with why the justices decision means so much. good morning, christy. >> g
but other than that the drive time is not impacted. 24 minutes out of san francisco. >> we are following developing news out of the east bay this morning. fire crews in berkeley are on scene of a fire at a restaurant. it's located at the "chez panisse" restaurant on the 15-hundred block of shattuck avenue. no word yet on how the questioned on what exactly led up to the shooting. the suspect still on the loose. new information in the lion attack. that left a 24- year old woman dead. at an exotic animal park sanctuary in fresno. officials say, an intern named dianna hanson was cleaning a lion's cage while talking on her cell phone when she was killed. this is video of the lion's cage where she was attacked by this 550- pound african lion named "cous- cous." officials say, the lion was able to use its paw to lift a partially closed door and escape the smaller cage he was in. the coroner says, she was killed by a paw swipe that broke her neck. the lion was killed on site. burglars have ripped off a charitable organization in concord. breaking into the agency's warehouse in martinez
and running in a part of san francisco that's known for increased violence. and a gun buyback event today in a bay area city known for gun violence. we'll have a live report. >> hello everybody. welcome to kron 4 news weekend. i'm ysabel duron >> i'm marty gonzalez we'll get to the news in a moment. but first, let's get a quick check of your forecast with janu. when good morning marty. we are taking alar to look outside the golden gate bridge. a beautiful start to the weekend, up plenty of sunshine and we're expecting sunshine this afternoon with warming temperatures. clear and cool during the overnight hours. it is chilly in the north this morning. 36 degrees in santa rosa and 38 degrees in napa. low '40's for the eastern shore. 46 degrees currently in san jose. 66 degrees today in los gatos 68 in oakland. a little chillier along the coast and the peninsula. we will season '70s and the north bay. 70 in santa rosa and napa. we will continue to feel the warming trend and look at the extended forecast but for now erica back over the years. >> there was a three-point-four magnitude earthquak
you. >> we are following breaking news out of san francisco right now where emergency crew are at suspected meth lab. this is happening at home on tap drive near lake merced and you can see in thisw3 live picture that police just took man away in handcuffs. we are told the crews are waiting for hazardous material team to arrive to deal with the chemical inside the property. >> talk about the weather for a moment. second driest start to year on record for san jose. but rain is coming. sandhya is here with live doppler 7hd. >> yes. guess what has developed in the last couple hours. we have some sprinkle right now. the sprivrj have been around ukiah as we take you closer here. trace amounts reported it's he vab ateing. take you to other parts of the region here we see some very light returns around tiburon. beach road. so very few sprinkles around the region. can't rule them out as you look at the satellite and radar, the storm is just off the coast line. i'll let you know when the steady rain will arrive. how long you will need the umbrella and exactly how much rain
compares. california has a statewide minimum wage, a few city haves their own minimum wage. san francisco's is the highest in the country. new mexico is close behind and san jose's new $10 minimum wage is third highest in the country. >> on wall street the dow, pushed higher into uncharted territory it gained 50 points for its seventh consecutive daily increase. nasdaq rose 8, factors driving the market higher are more home sales. shareholders are reported to be getting a piece of the pie they are sitting on more than $130 billion in cash at apple, an investor group suggests that they will reallocate that money. >>> shares of zinga jumped, stock rose 10% rumors have been swirling since a reporter who writes about yahoo! said they are considering to significant acquisitions. >>> tuesday morning in vatican city where roman catholic cardinals are about to begin a historic conclave for a new pope. final pep rations before they are locked -- preparations before they are locked inside the sistine chapel. >> reporter: good morning frank there is a cold rain, pouring down over rome as the sun beg
a san francisco supervisor, plans to introduce legislation, to create a 25- foot buffer zone. the need for legislation comes after the continued anti abortion protest. an anti abortion activist outside the clinic told us if the restriction is passed it would be challenged in court. >>> a large recall by lululemon. while they said, transparency is the problem with some of its clothes. >> republicans are mired in the past. i am a republican. i don't mind saying that. >>> how the gop wants to rewrite its message. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪'s my job to look after it. the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that
to the accomplishment of the port of san francisco. our staff share a long history of working together cooperatively and collaboratively to enhance public service including access along the water front. examples include the at&t ballpark and piers. one of the key factors, support staff as well as commission staff along the process. the pier 30 and 32. we have kept staff informed including the legislation. as background the state legislature as the ultimate trustees of public trust land and resources entrusted the land along the water front in 1968 to manage on behalf of all the people of california. the port 32 you the burden act has the responsibility and authorities to this land. there are 84 other grantees. including san diego, long beach which include over 300 statutes. the commission over stands but not any authority over project proposals unless provided for in legislation. for the boars of the proposal that are being discussed today involving pier 30-32, the commission does have some approval authority over the sale of lot 330. there is some mechanisms which brad talked about with the san fra
in jelani jail and be fined $50,000 when sentenced. >>> a major announcement from the san francisco symphony, currently on strike. >>> hundreds of thousands of people gathered a at the vatican to witness history. what pope francis did at his first blessing that made an impression. >>> plus two, inmates escape from jail without hopping the fence. it's a story straight out of a movie. >>> a point that hasn't been reached for more than five years, and the big drop the bay area is seeing. >>> be seeing a drop in temperatures as we get back to the workweek as clouds start to fill in tomorrow morn. temperatures mostly in the 40, and look for an increasing chance of rain. welcome rain for most places as we get through the first half of the week of the storm you see there on the left. we'll walk you through the typing when we come right back. >>> just in, vice president joe biden arrived at a military airport near rome tonight. the vice president is a practicing catholic and will lead the u.s. delegation to the pope's inauguration mass on tuesday. the german chancellor and spain's prime minister are
homicide. the killing marked the sixth of the year. >>> in san francisco, a singer named michelle shock went on an anti gay rant that stunned people in the audience and many walked out. amber lee is here with more on what she said and an almost unheard of response from yoshi's. >> reporter: the concert took place here management tells me the singer song writer has been banned from performing here again. yoshi's is dark on monday's but michelle shock's rant during last night's concert is still playing out tonight. one audience member tweeted this photo the folk singer reportedly said, god hates and then uses a slur for homosexuals and says you can tweet that i said so. >> last night's events should not ever happen, first time in five years that we had to shut down a show. >> reporter: management showed the message that shock left on stage they say many in the audience of 200 walked out when she made the remarks and management pulled the plug. >> my first reaction was turn on the lightget the microphone out of her hands. >> reporter: this is her third performance here there has never been
bart police, san francisco police and firefighters arrived, they found a homeless man in the elevator shaft. bart police say they also found a few other items on scene. >> bart police sergeant on scene did report that bedding and personal effects were found on top of the elevator car. now, whether those belonged to the man who is deceased or to someone else, and whether someone had been, you know, living in the shaft for a period of time, hopefully will be determined by the investigation. >> reporter: police say it appears the man was sleeping at the top and was crushed to death. he was found wedged between the elevator and the wall of the shaft. investigators are still trying to determine how that homeless man got into the shaft in the first place and apparently -- or how long had he been living there or if he had been living there at all. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> there were no delays on bart or muni as a result of this investigation. >>> family and friends are searching for an oakland woman missing for five
america, of course. >> leaders in san francisco believe a new pope will be selected by thursday. stay with abc7 news for the latest news on the papal conclave at 6:35 we go to rome for a live report on the events. >> developing news from the north bay, firefighters found much more than flames when they responded to a late-night house fire. abc7 news reporter, sue thompson, joins us to explain what they found. >> kristen, the investigators will work on all of this when daylight arrives. for now a few firefighters are here but they are waiting for the relief shift. this happened at this home here in novato last night. crews were called to the home. what they found inside, it is what they found inside that is raising so many questions this morning. this happened at around 11:30 when a neighbor called to report smoke coming from the home. crews arrived and discovered an extensive marijuana growing operation inside. the home was abandon asked firefighters say they do know that the fire started in the basement but are not sure how much damage was caused to the home but they saw not a lot of
until at least earlyçó next week. san francisco public works crew wrapped up repair today and back filled the sink hole but the road still needs to be repaved. until then, 15 avenue from westportal to win will stay closed. the broken main sent a ton of water and debris rushing in a dozen homes and vehicle early on wednesday morning. you can see the necessary created. p uc lost up to two million gallon of water before the pipe was finally shut off. cuss of the break is still under investigation. >>> all right more to bring enthusiastic friday night on 7 news at 9:00 coming up. how volcano have a positive effect on global warming. >> mars rover knocked out with serious computer problem. what may have led to the system error. >> also find out how zoo oly gist hope to meet china growing demand with rhino horn and making sure the species isn't wiped off the face of the eart earth. we have the weather. >> that's right. here in the accu-weather forecast center. first clouds then the cool down and rain. i give you a lack at the week ahead in the accu-weather forecast coming u up. >>
of the association of the port of san francisco but we certainly we have this little -- we know nothing about it. this is what we'll put online. who are these guys? aren't they great? we have a half a million photographs. they just say port of san francisco 1907. when you come to the gallery you will be taken through a series of experiences that will help you get a sense of the varieties of the environmental history and the natural history and the people's history of the bay. some of our partners including you might know craig crinkle from mayor time. it's a wonderful project. it will be open labor day weekend and about 15 different organizations including the port has put images online at you are the year of the and you will be able to see many photographs and talk about the picture or comment on anyone of the thousands of images that are up now as we kind of crowd towards a new relationship with the bay. i hope that you all join us on april 7th. the public event is for the 7th. i hope it's a beautiful day as today. thank you for all you do and all we do to keep the port history alive
in san francisco this morning sent four people to the hospital. the fire department says three people were stabbed about 2:15 this morning at 17th and mission streets a little more than an hour later another person was stabbed at 26th and folsom streets. there is no word on any of the victims' conditions at this point. san francisco police department is not commenting. >>> investigators in the central valley are trying to figure out how a volunteer was mauled to death by the very lion she was taking care of it. it happened yesterday at cat haven, an animal sanctuary in the sierra foothills east of fresno. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live in our newsroom with more on what happened. >> reporter: the humane society is coming out this morning saying this was irresponsible and the victim should not have been in the end closure with the lion unsupervised. fresno county sheriff's deputies found the young woman lying by the lion severely injured just yesterday afternoon. another park worker wouldn't lure the lion into another pen so deputies shot and k
is not showing anything on the radar. it is 47 degrees right now in san francisco. i will talk more about the weekend forecast in just a bed. >it. >> investigators are still on the scene and that just gave a tour to the world famous chefs. she was very emotional talking to us about all this means to her and what she saw. >> i want to thank the support of the insurance company. >> there are a lot of people will love your restaurant. when do you think you will be able to reopen? >> it is just a matter of having the hallway to the upstairs rebuild. the downstairs may be able to open sooner if we find way to camouflage. i probably will have to put up a big swing that has a pitcher what the restaurant looks like until they sick said. >> do you take it will be exactly the same? >> i am not sure. we may have to extend the dining room out farther and make it a little bit larger. i am not sure whether or not we can do this but this is the first thought that i had. >> off as you were taking the two otour, can you walk us through your a motion. >> i am pretty shaky right now. i am just glad that no
to silence san francisco similar funny before one of the biggest shows of the year. >> spencer is here with the weather. >> here in the accu-weather forecast center. looking at high pressure tomorrow near 80 degrees in some spots. i'll degrees in some spots. i'll show you where in you. >> sour note tonight at the san francisco similar funny. if musician voted unanimously to authorize a strike if talk don't make progress. carolyn explains the issues on the table. >> familiar sounds at city hall today. string war at the time from the symphony performed beethoven but the musician say other cities have better contracts than what they are being offered. >> this doesn't acknowledge the fact that there is inflation in the california economy. it doesn't acknowledge the fact that our wages are about 7500 dollars less than our leading peeshtion chicago similar funny and los angeles philharmonic. >>reporter: the average musician salary is 165,000 dollars a year. the union says basic pay is 142,000. management says they provide health care with no monthly contribution. the musicians say
. the largest of its kind on earth. >>> finally tonight, san francisco is beautiful pretty much any day from any angle. and the golden gate bridge is really the symbol that has come to define the place. but then there's that other, much larger bridge, the bay bridge, that's been kind of an industrial-looking little brother all these years. well, it just entered a new era. our report tonight from nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: this was no ordinary countdown. it was the end of 75 years in the shadows. >> beautiful! >> oh, wow! >> reporter: last night, san francisco's bay bridge transformed into what's being billed as the world's largest l.e.d. light sculpture. >> it's beautiful! >> yeah, it's really well-done. >> they're gorgeous, amazing, kind of breathtaking. >> reporter: the bay bridge opened to much fanfare in 1936. >> it was recognized as an engineering marvel and an amazing american feat as we were coming through the great depression. >> reporter: but six months later, the flashier golden gate bridge came along with its red-painted steel, and it swiped all the attention
with authorities." tonight, san francisco police are releasing a photo of a woman they say kicked a toddler at golden gate park monday. the suspect is 24-year old sabryna bell. she's accused of kicking a little girl in the chest. the child had some scrapes after falling - but is otherwise ok. investigators say there's no apparent reason the suspect kicked the child. they say she had also threatened other children. new at 11. >> police are searching for a man who robbed a pleasanton bank today. they've released a surveillance photo of the suspect. it happened at a wells fargo bank on hop-yard road. the man handed a teller a note demanding cash. and then ran off. no weapons were seen and no one was hurt. it's not clear how much money he got. the man is described as black - between 30 and 40 years old.5-foot-10 to 6- feet tall. weighing about 160 pounds. an underground gas line near a berkeley home was punctured by a worker today. causing a fire. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. at first, the fire was reported as a car fire. but a contractor hired by the home-ow
. another live view of the western sky from our camera, 60 degrees now in san francisco. 66 in san carlos, 57 in half moon bay. on we go to yet another live view from our camera here in downtown san francisco. temperatures right now 63 degrees in santa rosa. 65 in napa. 69 in fremont. we'll see clouds increasing and a chance of rain from light showers. tomorrow evening and perhaps, overnight into sunday. we need to remind you of this advisory through evening. we're going to have dangerous sneaker waves are available. pacific satellite image animating it up until now you can see not a lot of movement. clouds will be thickening as the cold front approaches us. starting at 7:00 in the morning we'll see lots of clouds around that will continue to move through the bay area skies tomorrow. when they see light showers clouds continue into sunday and by mid day sunday, we can see a couple more areas of light showers and we clear out and dry out and it won't be a wet weekend but just a chance of sprinkles here and there. overnight tonight lows dropping into mid to upper 40s. low 70s in the south b
tomorrow morning. kristen? cheryl? >> thank you very much. in san francisco, the bart station at powell street is opened against after bart service was stopped. sky 7 was over the scene. the object was found at market street before 7:30 this morning. fortunately it was harmless and police cleared the scene after 8:00. >> there has been another set back for both world renowned chez panisse after a fire two weeks ago. we are learning the damage is much more extensive than originally thought. the owner and chef alice waters say it damned the downstair and upstairs porches. she says that the repair work will be more significant project since both areas will need to be demolished. she hoped to re-open the restaurant in mid-april but that is unlikely to happen now. >> relatives of a san jose man shot to death by police are outraged this morning. the officers say the man in a stolen car tried to run down an officer last night and ram him with a car last night. cornell bernard is in east san jose with an interview with the man's family. >> we are learning more of the officer-involved shooting w
. >> just in tonight, police in san francisco found what they have been looking for. an assault rifle like this one that was stolen from one of the department's own vehicles. someone broke into an unmarked car in the soma district and moments ago officers announced they recovered the ar 15. tomorrow they are expected to release more information about the theft and the recovery. also new at 11:00, was it a case of mistaken identity? friends, family and teachers say yes. a young man shot and killed in campbell is the city's first homicide in more than five years. no one including police seem to know why someone wanted to kill the former football player. nbc joins us from campbell this evening. >> reporter: in the past hour, a number of friends stopped by the corner not too far from where richard vega died and is not used to experience something like this. this was the first since 2007. grief stricken and heartbroken, a tough private moment right at the spot where he was gunned down. tonight more hugs than tears as 150 former classmates at santa clara high remembered and reflected, but also w
. police arrested a man an innocent man and they identified him as page of san francisco. he faces a series of drug charges as well as a vehicle pursuit. >>> they caught the group spraying graffiti on land hadn't street south of market. they found several bags and backpacks filled with spray paint and 11 people were all taken into custody and officers say they are all likely to face felony charges. >>> many are camping out waiting in line for a seat for this week's moral arguments discussing same-sex marriages and they are hear more on the voter approved ban known as proposition 8 and justices will hear arguments about the federal defensive act which defines marriage only between a man and woman. and we will hear on more arriving on the opinion and we get more coverage from christina wells. >> reporter: centered in this debate whether marriage should be considered a gov. -- government issue. >> there are certain things that should not be put up for a vote and gay people and like nongay people deserve to build a life and have dreams of having a family. >> reporter: outlawing same-sex marriag
, about five degrees warmer than yesterday, 6 in san jose, 60 in san francisco. santa cruz not bad 63 degrees. tonight set the clocks ahead one hour, daylight savings time begins tomorrow. no chance of rain all week long. have a great weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. erica? >> all right. thanks. >>> we are talking weather. when it comes to predicting the path of the biggest storms, the super computers in europe seem to have ours beat. why the difference? al roker takes a look. >> reporter: they were dire warnings that shut down the nation's capital. >> our biggest snowfall in two years. can you believe it? >> reporter: forecasters promising washington's worst storm in two years. but that didn't happen. >> the question is, tom, do we need the push broom or the great, big shovel out here? we don't need either. >> reporter: the weather channel's jim cantore, known best for braving water like this -- >> hold on to the camera, brad -- >> reporter: was left in the snowless capital. >> no snow anywhere to be found. >> reporter: cliff mass is an atmospheric science professor at the un
. by this afternoon, sunny skies, mid-70s in the valleys, 60s into san francisco and the coastline, even warmer tomorrow. then we cool down a little bit staying dry the next five to seven days. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by aa al possibilities. >>> this national weather report sponsored by aarp. >>> this morning we investigate jamaican scammers who stop at nothing to steal from elderly americans. you'll see what our hidden cameras revealed and what happened when our jeff glor confronts an alleged con artist. >>> what exactly happens at a conclave? we'll take you inside the vote. all of the world is watching on "cbs thi morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by usaa. to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. ♪music playing♪ maybe today you'll run some errands maybe another headache will get in the way. if you have migraines with 15 or more headache days a month, you're living a maybe life. and you may have chronic migraine. go to mychronicmigrai
shot to death near capitol avenue and murtha drive about 3 hours ago. >>> in san francisco, the death of a homeless man at the montgomery bart station now under investigation. the man had apparently been sleeping on top of an elevator and was crushed in the elevator shaft. >> and this is the day minimum wage goes up in san jose. it was 8 bucks an hour. it's now $10 an hour and was approved by about 60% of san jose voters back in november. >>> traffic and weather and weather, think you'll like the weather on this monday, all coming up right after the break. >>> good morning. we still have very big backups this morning trying to get out of half moon bay. it's because of about a five- mile section of highway 92 both directions remaining shut down for a major injury crash. so it's closed between main and highway 35. to get out of half moon bay, you'll have to head south and use highway 84 or head north towards pacifica and sharp park road. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> lots of sunshine around the bay area to start out the day. we have
forum in california. what's up with that? we go live to san francisco. hi, claudia. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. 4,000 people are attending the national postal forum here in san francisco. 400 are with the u.s. postal service, including the post master general, who will be making a presentation. did over the next four days, executives will be meeting with shippers and those in the direct mail industry. then, everyone gets to have a good time here in san francisco. there is going to be a golf outing, a dinner, a lavish dinner, featuring the foods of fisherman's wharf and chinatown and dancing. the travel, $220,000 in exhibit space and other incidentals will cost the u.s. postal service $2.2 million. the agency received no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations. and the usps says it makes more money than it spens because of the networking that happens here. critics point out the post office is a monopoly that shouldn't need to spend millions of dollars to network. they say that given the agency is $16 billi
by shootings in san francisco, san jose, union city. and then this morning officers again fired on a suspect, this time in hayward. monty francis joins us live with what led officers to pull their weapons on this suspect. >> reporter: kris, good evening. an investigation is underway. the scene has been cleared but you can see behind me a wooden sign that was knocked over by the suspect vehicle when it crashed. this unfolded at about 3:30 a.m. when police say a suspect rammed his car into a police cruiser during a traffic stop. the driver, a 23-year-old oakley man sped off and crashed the car here at foothill boulevard. the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene and it is not clear if the officer's bullett killed him. the driver is in police custody. we talked to the owner of a japanese restaurants yards from where the suspect vehicle crashed. he says he is discouraged by all the violence in his neighborhood. >> it is kind of sad but somebo somebody -- kind o
and historic light show in san francisco. look at this. the bay bridge up till now perhaps an ugly stepchild of sorts to the famous golden gate has just become the world's largest l.e.d. light sculpture. it will be lit up like this every night for the next two years to mark the bridge's 75th birthday. it took five miles of cable, 25,000 lights, the drive from the east bay now to san francisco will not be the same. that's a beautiful sight. >> beautiful. thanks, josh. >> you bet. >>> well, now to the big headline for everyone traveling and going through security at the airport for the first time since 9/11, the tsa is allowing some knives aboard planes. the announcement has been greeted with outrage by flight attendants. abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: an abrupt reversal this morning after a decade of banning and confiscating pocket knives, the government will now allow small knives on planes drawing an immediate angry response from flight attendants. >> it's going to create passenger confusion and it's also going to bring a weapon on board. it doesn't make any sense to allow k
took a trip to san francisco. >> you see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day, so they can guarantee their low prices. >> so where to next? >> how about there? >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ [ female announcer ] what makes you walk a little taller? where does goddess begin? it begins with your skin... revealed by venus for a confident glow the whole world will notice. venus & olay -- gently exfoliates with 5 blades. plus olay moisture bars help lock in moisture for less dryness. only from venus & olay. any venus cartridge fits any venus handle. that's the beauty of venus. farewell to two detecites killed in the line of duty. the turnout and process expected later today. an african lion attack at a park in the sierra. a worker is dead.. and so is the big cat. now we're learning what went wrong in the cage. and ready for another redesign? the changes coming to facebook today. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's >>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. warkds, clearing o
all the way to san francisco. >> now, if you're flying, airport delays are possible in boston, san francisco and miami. >>> all right, getting back to the news now, the new clues in a art heist that's been a mystery for 23 years. >> very interesting. fbi agents say they know who stole the paintings, but they are more interested in getting the artwork back. sean kelly has the latest from boston. ♪ >> reporter: their place on the dutch room wall is still hanging, a 23-year-old reminder of the most significant art heist in history. for the first time the fbi says they know who cut the paintings out and stole a total of half a billion dollars worth of artwork from the isabella stuart museum. >> they developed crucial pieces that confirmed the identity of those who entered the museum and others associated with the theft who belong to a criminal organization. >> reporter: fbi boston's special agent in charge refused to give names adding to the mystery, he wouldn't say if they're dead or alive. >> i'm not convinced. >> reporter: journalist steven kurkjian has invested for almost two dec
to report. upper 60s, low 70s. 66 in oakland, 65 on the way to san francisco today. tomorrow the rain moves in but not until we hit the second half of the day. by wednesday a washout. thursday, temperatures start to climb back up. we'll get more sunshine and that will hold on all the way through the weekend. >>> for your forecast any time, you can always check out now we're going to head to sanibel, florida. very warm that way. willard scott is here with us. willie. >> here we are. sanibel harbor marriott. always good food, nice people. they take care of you. that's why we're here. i am the world's biggest free loader and i know how to do it right. good do it right. good old smucker's birthdays. we have birthday buddies. this is helen snyder from north wales, pennsylvania. happy birthday. she's 100 years old today. you can't beat that. and this is frank ladd from beautiful papillon nebraska, 100 years old. william mcclain from cincinnati, ohio and he's 100 years old today. happy birthday, sir. you're a gentleman. now take a little look at claire murphy, a sweet thing she s-an i
close to yesterday. 70 degrees for gilroy. and 69 in san francisco. looking good until thursday. then, we're going to clear you out. forecast. savannah? >>> all right, dylan. thank you. voting is under way this morning for a special election for south carolina's first open congressional district seat. former governor mark sanford one of the names on the ballot after he looks for a comeback. kelly o'donnell is in charleston for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. people here say they've been overwhelmed by the number of candidates, many swamping the local tv stations with campaign ads. much of the attention has been on the former governor after his public affair, and he's now seeking political redemption. a chance for an unlikely comeback. >> how are you, mark sanford, good to see you. >> reporter: former south carolina governor mark sanford is up against 15 fellow republicans running for congress. >> i feel like i'm supposed to be crawling back on to this larger playing field that i had stepped away from for a couple years and i've been blown away by the warm
whitaker los angeles. >>> the beauty of san francisco comes at a price. the city has long been home to sky-high rents and that is leading a change in the law allowing construction of the nation's tiniest new parent. they are about the size of this video wall and so john blackstone takes us inside these mike row units. we had a space in the garage and we thought we'd try it there. >> property developer patrick kennedy tested his ideas for really tiny apartments. >> so was the idea with this left's just see how small you can go and still survive. >> yes. basically basically. >> the design kennedy calls smart space 1.0 turns out not to be so smart. 166 square feet in all. the showers soaked the toilet paper and the couch that turned into a bed was too inconvenient. >> an 8-foot creeling is positively class troeustrophobic in a small space. >> it's a at a premium if there many big cities. micro apartments are seen as one possible answer in cities from soes to seattle to new york where mayor michael bloomberg backed the competition for the best design, but nowhere
as page of san francisco. he faces a series of drug charges as well as a vehicle pursuit. >>> they caught the group spraying graffiti on land hadn't street south of market. they found several bags and backpacks filled with spray paint and 11 people were all taken into custody and officers say they are all likely to face felony charges. >>> many are camping out waiting in line for a seat for this week's moral arguments discussing same-sex marriages and they are hear more on the voter approved ban known as proposition 8 and justices will hear arguments about the federal defensive act which defines marriage only between a man and woman. and we will hear on more arriving on the opinion and we get more coverage from christina wells. >> reporter: centered in this debate whether marriage should be considered a gov. -- government issue. >> there are certain things that should not be put up for a vote and gay people and like nongay people deserve to build a life and have dreams of having a family. >> reporter: outlawing same-sex marriage or domi
to be comfortable in the heat of the day. 69, san francisco. 76 degrees in places like fairfield. getting into the weekend, staying steady. >> and that's your latest weather. >>> we have a heart warming study this morning brought to our attention by our nbc station in atlanta, wxia. a 9-year-old boy and his ten-year-old friend are being hailed as heroes. a. a 9-year-old boy and his 10-year-old friend are being held heroes this morning after helping a mother save her young son. susannah was sitting in her living room when she noticed something was wrong with her son. >> he seemed non-responsive to my smile so at that point i put my finger under his nose and realized he wasn't breathing. >> rome ran outside for help and found 9-year-old rocky hurt and 10-year-old ethan wilson across the street. >> we were out there playing football and somebody yelled called 911. >> back inside rome panicked. >> i was continuing to scream, not knowing what to do, and then rocky runs in, who i'd never met, and he's standing behind me. >> reporter: rome says she splashed water on the baby's face and began to
to be pushing in and that storm is going to be bringing a lot of rain from it. from san francisco to los angeles, we expect to see anywhere from about a half an inch to an ench of rain, so that's going to cause some problems. then as we make our way as far as the winter part of the system, the wasatch, sierra could be looking up to a foot to two feet of snow. and we're even looking at a pretty good snowstorm in flagstaff, arizona. they could pick up 6 to 9 inches of snow in the next 48 hours. to the west of denver, upwards of 2 feet of snow working its way in. today, though, here's what we've got. showers in salt lake and a temperature of 47. phoenix, gorgeous day. plenty of sunshine. billings, montana, sunny and 51. denver is at 60 degrees right now. then in the next 48 hours, they will be in the midst of a very big snowstorm. medford looking at clouds and a temperature of about 30. we'll get to your local forecast right after this message. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because plane
shows the fbi director living in san francisco, for example. but other information appears to be accurate and all of it is the kind of data that can be bought online from commercially available websites. once someone's social security number and date of birth are known. among other victims are former alaska governor sarah palin and former secretary of state hillary clinton. other celebrities targeted include beyonce, kim kardashian and paris hilton. because so many of the celebrities live in l.a. as does the police chief, the lapd is investigating so are the fbi and the secret service. the existence of the website was first revealed on monday and as of this morning, it's still in operation, but we are not disclosing the website address. there's no indication that any of the information was obtained by computer hacking. instead, those on the site now join the millions of other americans who are victims of identity theft, though there's no sign so far anyone has tried to use this information posted on the site to pose as any of those targeted. >> pete williams, we showed some
on san francisco's bay bridge is being billed as the world's largest l.e.d. light sculpture. >> the bay bridge is beautiful, too. i wanted to find a way to let this bridge shine in the region's consciousness once more. >> reporter: first opened in 1936, the bay bridge is the lesser known, harder working cousin of the golden gate bridge, carrying more than twice as much annual traffic. to raise the bridge's profile, davis turned to artist leo villarreal, best known for light sculptures in new york and washington, d.c. for this project, called the bay lights, villarreal is using 25,000 white bulbs to illuminate the bridge's 1.8-mile west side. >> the movement of water, traffic. >> reporter: the ever-evolving pattern is controlled by a software program on his laptop, ensuring a different look every night. the bay lights follows in the footsteps of other big city projects like the gates in central park and the waterfalls on new york's east river. and like those other famous attractions, the price is right for spectators. >> what could be better? free show, good friends. >> reporter: the cos
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